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“Trade ForEx and Fire Your Boss!” or “Earn $100K a Year Trading ForEx!”. These are probably the types of website headlines that made you consider trading ForEx for a living at the first place. The one I personally fell for when I was curious about ForEx trader’s salary was “Single Mom is Making $10.000 a […]

Time Frames determine how much time is in every candlestick in your chart. If you are on 4 hour time frame – every candlestick will represent 4 hours time period. If you are on 15 minutes time f

Support and Resistance lines are single most important tool of your Fx Technical Analysis. They are so powerful that many professional Fx traders trade exclusively with support and resistance lines. But these lines won’t get you trading signals on their own. Imagine Support and Resistance lines as Peanut Butter in your Fx sandwich. If Support […]
In addition to Support and Resistance lines, Japanese Candlesticks are the most important Technical Analysis tool you will be using in your Fx trading. Japanese Candlesticks are showing us the Price Action during the specific time period. This time period depends on your chosen chart type. On 4 Hr. chart every Japanese candlestick will represent […]
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